The Future is Now

Hurray – our new demo garden is officially open. Sunday at the 100th Annual Weld County Fair we had a ribbon cutting ceremony to open our new garden.  It’s looking great despite the two hail storms that pummeled it.  A testament to the plants selected for the garden.  Hardy enough to come back and look lovely after a brutal storm.  Two weeks ago we did do some extra planting in a couple of small areas that were hit especially hard so it wouldn’t look too bad, but the original plants really rebounded and are doing quite well.

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The ceremony was held at the garden in front of the Exhibition Building in Island Grove Park.  This is where the Weld County Extension office is and where you can bring in samples of any garden troubles you are having for the Master Gardeners to help resolve your gardening or lawn problems.  You may also call in or e-mail and ask your questions and a Master Gardener will answer them as soon as possible.  Contact information and our address are included on the right hand side of this blog page.  Please check it for this and other CSU extension information.

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Invites went out to our sponsors and many attended from Weld County and the City of Greeley.  Thank you to the county commissioners and the other city officials who attended.  Thanks again to Island Grove Park, City of Greeley, and the Colorado Garden Foundation, and Master Gardeners for all of their support and contributions to the garden.  In March this space was full of weeds and not much else, and without everyone’s time and effort it would have been impossible to pull this off in five months.

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Noel Johnston, one of our Master Gardeners introduced Amy Lentz, the Agricultural/Horticultural/Master Garden Program Agent for Weld County.  For a detailed description of how, and why this garden came to be, please check out the ABOUT section of this blog.  It gives the history of this space, and what it used to be before its transformation and what we hope to achieve with this space.

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After Amy’s speech, Mary Jansen-Hedrick cut the ribbon.  Mary is one of our Master Gardeners that was instrumental in getting this garden going.

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Master Gardeners were on hand to give tours of the garden.

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This is no longer THE FUTURE home of the Weld County Master Gardeners Demo.  It’s time to stop calling it that because it IS NOW officially open.

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We encourage you to stop by Island Grove Park and check it out during park hours (or when you stop by the extension office to come and see us).




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2 Responses to The Future is Now

  1. Everything looks great. Can you tell me where you purchased your plant markers? We are looking for some like that. Thanks and congrats on the grand opening.

  2. pbodwell says:

    Judy, I will find out about the labels. Very nice and metal. We have the wrong stakes but put a few out for the opening. I know that it takes a machine to do this. One of our MG’s went to Jefferson County and someone there taught them how to use the machine and we made them at another extension office. We were fortunate we had the grant money as these are a little pricey.

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