More action in the garden

The garden is almost prepped and ready to be planted.  We are getting so excited.

The Master Gardeners have had two work days to till amendments into the soil.  Based on our soil tests and what our garden needs we chose an organic plant compost. **  We got our compost from Eaton Grove nursery (Hwy 74 & CR 31).  We made it a goal to support and purchase from our local nurseries.

March 22nd was the second work day.  We dug holes to transplant the grasses from the front to the back southwest side of the building.  We cut and cleaned up the area where there are grasses now  We used some weed killer to get some grass that is being persistent and was popping up in one area.  We spread and tilled the compost into the area along the sidewalk where the trees and shrubs are.  Gary brought an electric tiller that was much smaller than the previous used tiller.  He was able to get around the tree roots and get the compost tilled in rather than using a fork and having to hand turn it all.  Thanks Gary!

Mary, Linda, Gary and Patty all pitched in to dig the holes, spread the amendments and get them tilled in.

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We also had our boulders delivered.  We had a stroke of good luck.  A child was playing around and removed the tags from the boulders we had tagged for our garden.  On delivery day they couldn’t find the ones we had tagged and brought others.  We think they are a little bigger than what we had selected so good for us!  Hmmm, the design had rocks in a lime green color.  That would have been cool.  Oh well, these are nice big boulders so we’ll just go with the flow.  Thanks to the county workers that came and helped position the boulders.  They couldn’t get a skid up into the garden so they just plopped them down best as they could.  Of course, they weren’t in the right place so county workers came and put straps around them and pulled them around.  “Just a little more to the left please.”  “Wow, you sound like my wife”.  I think the county guys feel just a little more attached to our garden now.  One of the guys declared “this is my rock.”  Thanks again guys!!


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The irrigation installation should be set in place as soon as the weather cooperates.

Oh boy, I think we are almost ready to plant.  Stay tuned for the next blog to see what the design has cooked up.  They’ve been busy designing, presenting the plan and getting plants ordered.  Fun times ahead!!

**Soil Amendments – what should I use?



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2 Responses to More action in the garden

  1. Sami Drake says:

    What plants will y’all be using?

    • pbodwell says:

      Whew, there are so many. Stay tuned for the next blog which will show the design and what plants have been selected. I can give you a hint that in front of the building on the long strip we will be using GARDEN IN A BOX. The larger portion of the garden are selections made by the design committee and even I will be surprised at what selections have been made.

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